Academic Calendar

Approved Feb. 4, 2016; Updated July 18, 2017



Summer quarter begins - clinic7/3/2017
July 4 Holiday, campus & clinics closed7/4/2017
New Student Orientation Session 17/6/2017
New Student Orientation Session 28/3/2017
New Student Orientation Session 38/25/2017
New Student Orientation Session 49/12/2017
Student Orientation–Academic9/13-15/2017
Financial Aid Disbursement7/10/2017
Summer Academic Classes Begin7/10/2017
Summer Academic Classes End9/1/2017
Labor Day Holiday, campus & clinics closed9/4/2017
Summer academic grades due9/8/2017
Summer quarter ends - clinic9/16/2017
Summer clinic grades due9/22/2017


Employee inservice training days9/12/2017
Fall New Student Orientation Wed-Thurs9/13-14/2017
All Faculty Meeting9/15/2017
Campus Welcome Back Event9/15/2017
Fall quarter Begins9/18/2017
Financial Aid Disbursement9/18/2017
Last day to add or change sections9/29/2017
Last day to pay tuition & fees9/29/2017
Late payment fee assessed10/2/2017
Last day to drop classes 10/13/2017
OSCE 1 Exam for Fall Graduates10/20/2017
Veterans Day, campus & clinics closed11/10/2017
Clinic Holiday I – Thanksgiving Week Session11/20-22/2017
Thanksgiving Break, no academic classes 11/20-24/2017
Thanksgiving Holiday, campus & clinics closed11/23-25/2017
Make up Veterans Day12/6/2017
Finals week12/11-15/2017
Fall quarter ends12/16/2017
Winter break, no academic classes12/17/17-01/07/2018
Fall grades due12/22/2017
Winter Break Campus & Health Centers Closed12/25-31/2017
New Years Day Campus & Health Centers Closed1/1/2018
Clinic Holiday III – Pre-Winter Session1/2-6/2018
Orientation January Admits1/5/2018


Winter quarter begins1/8/2018
Financial Aid Disbursement1/8/2018
Last day to add or change sections1/19/2018
Last day to pay tuition & fees1/19/2018
Martin Luther King Day, campus & clinics closed1/15/2018
Late payment fee assessed1/22/2018
Last day to drop classes 2/2/2018
OSCE 2 & 3 Exams 3/23-24/2018
Make-up Martin Luther King 3/29/2018
Finals week3/26/-30/2018
Winter quarter ends3/31/2018
Spring break no academic classes4/1-8/2018
Clinic Holiday IV – Spring Break Session4/2-7/2018
Winter grades due4/6/2018


Spring quarter begins4/9/2018
Last day to add or change sections4/20/2018
Last day to pay tuition & fees4/20/2018
Late payment fee assessed4/23/2018
College Council Friday 12:30-2:30 p.m.5/4/2018
Last day to drop classes5/4/2018
Memorial Day, campus & clinics closed5/28/2018
Make-up for Memorial Day6/18/2018
Finals week6/25-29/2018
Spring quarter ends6/30/2018
Spring grades due7/6/2018