Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine

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The Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine (DSOM) is a four-year program within which the MSOM program is fully nested. In addition to achievement of the MSOM competencies, DSOM students cultivate the capacity to directly access the profound level of knowledge and wisdom in the classical texts of Chinese medicine. They journey on the path of the scholar-practitioner committed to applying ancient knowledge in the service of enhanced clinical outcomes. With a patient-centered focus, they attain the competencies required to integrate their classical knowledge, skills and values into the broader healthcare system through effective communication, education, and collaboration.

The DSOM program provides:

  • One of the most comprehensive classical Chinese medicine degrees in the world
  • A solid foundation in classical theory, including conceptual grounding in the classical texts of the medicine
  • Training in the broadest spectrum of modalities within the scope of CCM, including classical acupuncture and herbal prescription
  • Strong training in biomedicine, with an emphasis on how to apply biomedical knowledge within the more expansive framework of whole-systems science
  • A strong emphasis on personal and professional cultivation, including weekend qigong retreats held at hot springs, ancient forest and mountain locales
  • Lineage-style mentorship opportunities
  • Access to an extensive set of elective courses designed to connect the serious student of classical Chinese medicine with the authentic milieu of the ancient scholar-practitioner
  • Instruction by world-class scholars in how to read (in the original characters) and evaluate translations of the classical texts of Chinese medicine, including the Huangdi neijing, Shanghanlun and Jingui yaolüe
  • Mentored training in how to apply knowledge from the classical texts in modern clinical practice
  • Cutting-edge inquiry into how to bridge, correlate, and communicate Eastern and Western ways of understanding health and disease
  • A whole-systems approach to inter-professional collaboration
  • A four-year course series emphasizing reflective learning, appreciative inquiry and self-awareness exercises to promote personal engagement with the curriculum and support professional development.
  • A mentored process through which students create and complete a doctoral capstone project

DSOM graduates will also receive the MSOM degree. The MSOM degree is accredited under Master’s Degree standards by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), the recognized accrediting agency for programs preparing acupuncture and Oriental medicine practitioners. ACAOM is located at 8941 Aztec Drive, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55347; phone 952.212.2434; fax 952.657.7068. This accreditation qualifies graduates to apply for acupuncture licensure in Oregon and other states, and to take all of the AOM examinations administered by NCCAOM, used in most states as a basis for licensure.

The NUNM Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine is not accredited or pre-accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM).  Graduates of this program are not considered to have graduated from an ACAOM accredited or pre-accredited program and may not rely on ACAOM accreditation or pre-accreditation for professional licensure or other purposes.

This program is eligible for ACAOM accreditation and NUNM is currently in the process of seeking ACAOM pre-accreditation/accreditation for the program. However, NUNM can provide no assurance that pre-accreditation or accreditation will be granted by ACAOM.

The DSOM program is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities which is located at  8060 165th Avenue NE, Suite 100, Redmond, WA 98052 telephone 425-558-4224.

The MSOM degree, that is nested within the DSOM, is accredited by ACAOM and qualifies graduates to apply for licensure in Oregon and other states, and to take all of the AOM examinations administered by NCCAOM, used in most states as the basis for licensure.

Estimated Program Cost

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