Qigong Classes

Ongoing Beginning/Intermediate Qigong

qigong1 - CopyTuesday, 5:30 – 6:45 p.m.
Class continues weekly through June 28, 2017

Instructor: Tamara Staudt, ND, LAc

Schedule: Weekly classes
Cost: $12 per drop-in class or $40/month, payable to the instructor at class.
Location: Energy Medicine Room–NUNM Academic Bldg Room #305, located on the 3rd floor, southeast corner*

This is a great class for those with previous qigong exposure, and is also accessible to beginners with a strong interest in qigong. Focus of study and the primary form taught varies seasonally and/or to address the specific needs of the class participants. You are invited to join at any time—please wear comfortable clothing.

*Note: Sometimes the exterior doors are locked at 5:30 p.m. If so, please use the entrance next to the pedestrian bridge that opens from the west side parking lot. That door is open when the others are locked.

Questions? Contact: Dr. Staudt or at 503.552.2093

Ongoing Class

Wednesday, 7:15 – 8:15 p.m.
Instructor: Eva Hosseinion, MD, LAc

Schedule: Weekly classes continue starting January 11, 2017 | No class on May 31 and June 7.
Cost: $10 per class.
Location: Class will be held in the Energy Medicine Room: 049 SW Porter, Room 305, located in the SE corner of the 3rd floor

An introductory class for those who are new to Qigong and/or for those who have some experience with qigong and would like to further cultivate their practice in a group class. Students will learn foundational qigong moves that within themselves provide a complete practice and which can also be incorporated as part of a “form”. As we gain experience with the basic movements and alignment we will gradually move into learning Qigong forms from the Jinjing Gong

Questions? Contact: Eva Hosseinion