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NUNM Board of Director members in bold


John Bender, ND
Richard D. Berry
Helen Healy, ND
Jere High and Debra Pascua
Susan Hunter, MBA
Carolyn Knox, PhD
Patricia Kramer
Thomas Kruzel, ND
Priscilla Morehouse
Saeid Mushtagh, ND
Susan Popp and Gordon Noraine
Kenneth Rifkin, ND, PC
David J. Schleich, PhD
Scott and Judy South
Judy Sugg
Steve and Trish Vollum
Alfred and Francoise Wagstaff


Patrick Benavides
Bruce Canvasser, ND
Timothy P. Chapman
William Danneman
Pamela Sky Jeanne, ND
Richard Jones, PhD
Steven P. Marsden, DVM, ND, MSOM, LAc
Martin Milner, ND
Bill Tribe
Jason Uchida, ND
Don Warren, ND
Hope Wing, ND
Jared Zeff, ND


Rosemary and Doug Caudell
Nancy Chase
Simone and Mike Chilton
Ericha Clare, ND, MAc
Marcy Feibelman, ND
Amy Haynes, ND
Lawrence W. Katz
William J. Keppler, PhD
Ann Krapf
James Lemkin, ND
Blake Morgan
Audrey Oliver
Elspeth Seddig
Harry F. Swope
Michael Traub, ND
Joseph Wessels, ND
Carmen Wong


Robert Abell, ND
Gil Alvarado, ND
Richard Barrett, ND
Lindsay M. Baum, ND
Donna Beck, ND
Forrest Beck
Estate of Violet Beebe
Karen Berman
John Brons
Nancy L. Brown
George B. Bynum
John R. Campbell
Hank Cateora
Bozena Celnik, ND
Shelly Clevidence, ND


Marilynn Considine
Phillip R. Cooper, ND
Colleen Corder
Allison Corn
Charles Cropley, ND
Georgiana Cullen-Kerney
Joseph A. and Emily H. Decarlo
Gerald Douglass Harper, ND
Catherine Downey, ND
Don Drake
Louise Edwards, ND
Bette Enhelder
Stephanie Farrell
Teresa L. Gledhill
Dennis Godby
Ellen Goldsmith, LAc, LMT
Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick, ND
Alexandra Gotea
Tresa Hibben
Tori Hudson, ND
Laurie Hunter
Courtney Jackson, ND
Ann Jelderks
Sophia Jesswein
Julie Krucky
Dohn Kruschwitz, MD, ND
Sally LaMont, ND
Linda Lane
Mariana C. and John S. Locke
Brent Mathieu, ND
Deborah McKay, ND
Thomas Messinger, ND
Mark and Sue Million
Allison Mudrick
Anupam Narayan
Daniel Newman, MD, ND
Dale Oller
Amanda O’Neil
Leslie Oster
Darcy Paquette
Clifford Passen, ND, MD
Nance Paternoster
Noel Peterson, ND
Ruthie Petty
Maggie and Kirk Prestegard
Betty Radelet, ND
Angela Rademacher, ND
Stacey L. Raffety, ND, LAc, RN
Cathy Rogers, ND
Peggy Rollo, ND, LAc
Trevor Salloum
Kathryn Sawhill, ND
Mary Scott, ND
Pamela J. Shepard
Erika Siegel, ND
Andrea Smith, EdD
Jo Smith
Sandra Snyder, PhD
Lori Soule, ND, MSOM
Lori Stargrove, ND, and Mitch Stargrove, ND
Tamara Staudt, ND, MSOM
R. Newman Turner, Esq
Mary and Kenzin Wahl
Norene Wedam
Carolyn Winter
Andrea Wolcott
Kent Wyatt
Ellen Yarnell