Angela Senders, ND, MCR

Dr. Angela Senders is an assistant professor of research and the chair of the Master of Science in Integrative Mental Health program at NUNM. She received her doctor in naturopathic medicine from NUNM in 2005 and maintained a private practice for six years with a focus on mind-body medicine. During this time she trained extensively with M.E.T.A. (Mindful Experiential Therapeutic Approaches), one of the premier educational institutes for applied mindfulness. Her work with clients utilized mindfulness and somatic psychotherapy to address the relationship between life experience and physical disease.

In 2011 she was awarded a T32 postdoctoral fellowship with the Oregon Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Neurological Diseases at Oregon Health & Science University to study mind-body medicine in a larger health care context. She earned a Master of Clinical Research degree from OHSU in 2014 and was awarded a prestigious K23 Career Development Award from the NIH National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Her primary research focus is stress and stress-management for people with multiple sclerosis and she has published on these topics in peer-reviewed medical journals, including Multiple Sclerosis, the International Journal of MS Care, and the Journal of Health Psychology, Autoimmune Diseases.

In addition to conducting research, Dr. Senders teaches and mentors in the integrative medicine research and integrative mental health programs at NUNM and holds and adjunct appointment in the department of neurology at OHSU. She also serves as the complementary and alternative medicine representative for the Oregon State Health Evidence Review Commission – a governor-appointed body that reviews medical evidence in order to provide coverage guidance and prioritize Medicaid spending across Oregon.

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  • Title
    Chair, Master of Science in Integrative Mental Health
  • Focus
    Mind-Body Medicine
  • Education
    Oregon Health Sciences University, Master of Science in Clinical Research, 2014 National College of Natural Medicine, ND, 2005
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