Gaia J. Mather, ND

Dr. Gaia Mather is a native of Portland, and graduated from NCNM (now NUNM) in 1990. Holistic medicine encompasses a philosophy that is of special importance to her — that all life is sacred and all life is connected. Gaia enjoys treating her ‘animal family,’ which consists of one small Boston terrier and three cats, with naturopathic remedies to keep them healthy and happy. Gaia is a long-time member of a local women spiritual circle, and she knows the magic that happens as women gather to share their gifts and wisdom.

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  • Title
    Assistant Professor
  • Focus
  • Education
    National College of Naturopathic Medicine, ND, 1990
  • Office Phone
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  • Courses
    • PHM401E Bodywork I: Massage Foundations
    • PHM402E Bodywork II: Advanced Massage
    • PHM403E Bodywork III: Energy Work
    • PHM416/426 Palpation Lab I, II
    • PHM510E Colonics
    • PHM412 Hydrotherapy
    • PHM412L Hydrotherapy Lab