Master of Science in Ayurveda (MScA)

The MScA is designed to provide training in the art and science of Ayurveda to currently enrolled NUNM students and licensed medical professionals. It can be integrated within the practice of any medical system. Ayurveda is a perfect complement to our existing core programs in naturopathic and Chinese medicine, and may also be of interest to nutrition and global health students.

The new program will include a strong foundation in Ayurvedic philosophy, classification, pathophysiology, and techniques of assessment, as well as various Ayurvedic treatment modalities including botanicals, nutraceuticals, detoxification/rejuvenation therapeutics, yoga, diet, lifestyle, and counseling. All classes are taught in English and the ancient texts have been translated to accommodate English-speaking students. Take a look at the core curriculum for the MScA program.

The MScA consists of 101 credits and more than 1500 hours, which include didactic and clinical components. This in-depth level of scholarship and clinical training is unique to NUNM and unavailable elsewhere in the U.S.

Academic classes will be held at NUNM, and required fieldwork and clinical internship training will take place at NUNM health centers and at accredited teaching hospitals in India.


  • Winter 2018 as a concurrent program to enrolled NUNM students in the ND or CCM programs
  • Fall 2018 as a standalone for licensed professionals and as a concurrent program

In addition, NUNM offers electives and certificate courses that allow students to specialize their knowledge and skills in specific Ayurvedic fields.

Areas of Study

Master of Science in Ayurveda (MScA)

MScA – Professional Track: For active medical/health care professionals who possess a license in conventional allopathic medicine or surgery, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, chiropractic medicine, or as a nurse practitioner. Total credits: 101

MScA – Dual Degree Track: Students in the naturopathic or Chinese medicine programs or other programs, and any other school that offers licensure programs. Total credits: 101

Ayurveda Certificate Tracks

Our five Ayurveda certificate programs are geared toward yoga instructors, health coaches, Ayurvedic counselors, healthcare practitioners, and anyone with a bachelor degree and interest in holistic medicine. NUNM candidates must be concurrently enrolled/matriculating in a master’s program through the School of Graduate Studies, the College of Naturopathic Medicine, or the College of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor: Total credits: 20

Ayurvedic Yoga Instructor: Total credits: 20

Ayurvedic Dietetics Counselor: Total credits: 20

Ayurvedic Child Care & Midwifery Counselor: Total credits: 20

Ayurvedic Samhita Scholar: Study of any classic text of Samhita –Ashtanga Hridaya, Charak samhita or Sushrut samhita. Total credits: 34

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the MScA program will be prepared to offer integrative medical care through rigorous academic and clinical training in Ayurveda for the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic disease. While Ayurveda is not a licensed degree within the United States, students completing this program will be able to use an Ayurvedic framework from which to diagnose and treat patients within their own medical license.

Estimated Program Cost

Current tuition for graduate programs is $422 per credit. Tuition is subject to change. Please contact the Office of Admissions for current information. Students concurrently enrolled in an additional degree program at NUNM may transfer in applicable course credits.

Estimated total program cost for MScA: $42,662*
(101 credits x $422/credit + cost of optional externship at accredited hospitals in India)
*Tuition and program requirements are subject to change.

Admissions Requirements

More information to be posted.