NCNM Campus Update – April 15, 2009

Here We Grow
At long last, NCNM is moving ahead with the new clinic renovation project—this month! After reviewing several bids by local builders, general contractor R&H Construction was selected and will begin construction before month’s end. The build-out timeline is estimated at 16–18 weeks, with a completion date in late-August 2009.

R&H has a longstanding reputation for quality and value. A widely respected firm with a long roster of awards, R&H is ranked consistently as one of the best places to work in Oregon, allowing it to attract the construction industry’s top talent. Its diverse portfolio is impressive, and includes (among many other projects) a number of non-profit and medical facilities. You’ve seen their work all over the Portland metro area: Dove Lewis Animal Hospital, Oregon Ballet Theatre, the Rebound Sports Medicine Clinic in the Rose Quarter and the amazing Rebuilding Center on North Mississippi Street…the list goes on. A member of the Green Building Council since 2001, R&H has a strong background in sustainability and green building practices.

Major Cost-Savings
The exciting news is that R&H Construction’s winning proposal allows NCNM to finance the entire project with existing and projected funds. One of the few upsides as we weather this difficult economy is that more companies are lowering prices to attract business. Building materials and other costs have dropped significantly since we calculated our original estimates last summer. As a result, NCNM will save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the project without compromising original design or quality.

These savings also allow us to remodel the entire building at once rather than the less desirable two-phase build-out we anticipated when construction costs were higher. Once the building is completed, we’ll now be able to relocate both Pettygrove and Natural Health Center clinic operations into this new facility within a 30-day window, creating less disruption for staff and patients.

Watch for more information on move-in dates, open house events and other developments in upcoming installments of the NCNM Campus Expansion Update!