NCNM Campus Update – April 6, 2009

NCNM is in negotiations with a local general contractor about the new clinic renovation project…we may have more news soon!

Facilities Improvements
With construction soon to begin, you’ll also improvements to other campus buildings during the next few months as we continue creating a more comfortable and safe environment for students, faculty and staff. If you’ve visited the Student Lounge lately, you’ll notice that we’ve already installed four new refrigerators; we’re now costing out additional improvements to that and other spaces in the academic building.

Are you interested in voicing your concerns about transportation issues around NCNM? Join us this Wed., April 8 at 2pm as we appear before the City Council in support of our proposed transportation plans. We’ll join the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT, formerly known as the Portland Department of Transportation or PDOT) in asking Mayor Adams and the City Commissioners to fund proposed transportation changes to the North Macadam Urban Renewal Area, where NCNM is located.

As designed, the new PBOT transportation plan will:

  • provide better signage and traffic signals, creating safer and easier access to and from campus
  • allow for safe pedestrian and bike access to and from transit stops around campus
  • create safe, easy access to the campus for people with physical disabilities

Implementing these planned improvements is a critical step toward ensuring safe and easy access for our students, faculty, staff and the thousands of patients who will visit our new clinic. Show up at the Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall to join us in making an impressive show of support. If you want to make a statement advocating for funding the improved transportation, you must sign up to speak at least 30 minutes before the 2pm meeting. For more information on the PBOT plan, please click here .

Watch for the next installment of NCNM’s Campus Update!