In Memoriam: Joshua Berry, ND

Joshua Berry, ND
Class of 1998
Dr. Joshua Berry died Feb. 2, 2010, of glioblastoma. He opened his family practice, Hawleyville Naturopathic Medical Center, in Newton, Connecticut, where he focused on pediatrics and family care. Dr. Berry had a passion and gift for working with children. He devoted his life to helping others as a physician, college professor, and in the numerous coaching positions he volunteered for.

“Dr. Josh was our daughter’s beloved ‘healer’ of nearly three years. Brilliant, loving and so very gifted. He touch so many lives. We were blessed to have been cared for by this beautiful man. God used him to help us save our daughter. We do not believe that she would be with us had he not pulled her through the life-threatening complications she experienced…He was a gentle man who saved another…now gone. Blessings, Sojourner” —From the mother of a patient