In Memoriam: Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson, ND
Class of 1993
Dr. Robert Wilson, known at NUNM as “Dr. Bob,” died in an automobile accident April 11, 2013. Dr. Bob was widely recognized for his expertise in minor surgery and his sense of humor. He was known to quip, “I see people as ambulatory lesions, just waiting to be removed.”

His career as a naturopathic physician came on the heels of two other careers. In 1972, he graduated from Michigan Technological University with a master’s degree in aquatic biology. After practicing for 11 years as a freshwater biologist, he went on to pursue his interest in emergency medicine. As an EMT, Dr. Bob served on a local rescue squad where he searched for lost hunters and helped rescue drowning victims.

After discovering naturopathic medicine and recognizing his combined interests in nature and medicine, he began studying at NUNM in 1989 and received his ND degree in 1993. He established a private practice in Hood River, Oregon, for five years, after which time he joined the faculty of NUNM. A full-time assistant professor since 1999, Dr. Bob supervised student interns on clinical rotations and taught courses in emergency medicine, minor surgery and X-ray practicum.