Volunteering and Serving-Learning as a Career

IPSL Global Institute at NUNM Executive Director Thomas Morgan shared his expertise in an article about volunteer tourism, a form of international community service.

The article discusses some of the crucial features of volunteer tourism and how those play into the ethics of the industry. Thomas says that a key component of ethical volunteer tourism is the amount of time an organization spends getting to know the partner country. One of the focuses of NUNM’s IPSL programs is forming strong partnerships with the countries that NUNM works with. He believes that these kinds of long-term partnerships create truly positive change in the communities that the IPSL students serve.

For these students, many have turned this type of volunteering into successful careers through Master of Arts degrees in Community Organizing and Social Activism, and International Development and Service.

Read Thomas’ perspective in the full article, “Voluntourism: Doing It Right.”