Bachelor of Science in Integrative Therapeutics: Massage Therapy

The Bachelor of Science in Integrative Therapeutics: Massage Therapy (BSiT-MT) degree program is specially designed for third-year students seeking to develop an in-depth understanding of therapeutic interventions with a focus on massage therapy. In addition, our pre-med/pre-health designed curriculum features three core threads in natural sciences, critical thinking and social sciences.

The natural sciences thread includes anatomy and physiology, organic chemistry, biochemistry and genetics. These courses provide a solid scientific understanding of the human body and the basic principles of health and disease, and provide fundamentals in research, and scientific and professional communication. The social sciences thread highlights the interpersonal and professional growth of the student with a strong focus on the development of cultural competency skills, ethical decision-making, expository writing, self-reflection and self-management.

Your studies include in-depth clinical training, allowing you to learn how to apply the art and science of massage therapy in an environment that values critical thought and using the principles of evidence-informed practice.

BSit-MT Course Descriptions