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Master Plan: 2012 – 2022

The NUNM Master Plan envisions the transformation of NUNM’s campus into welcoming urban green space, a natural living environment to promote health and well-being—the ideal campus  for generations of natural medicine practitioners and physicians— the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

The NUNM Master Plan is a large document; we have separated it into four parts for readability.

Part 1: The 20–Year Vision

The plan for NUNM will serve not only its students but also the surrounding neighborhood and city as well.

  • Table of Contents
  • Letter from the President
  • Introduction & Vision

Download Part 1 of the Master Plan

Part 2: Transformative Actions

Gathering spaces will be located throughout the campus, taking advantage of opportunities to enjoy views and hold informal gatherings.

  • Healing the Landscape
  • Greening the Campus
  • Creating a Place
  • Reconnecting to the Neighborhood
  • Growing Sustainably
  • Phases 1 – 5 of the Master Plan

Download Part 2 of the Master Plan

Part 3: Landscape & Sustainability

The Master Plan seeks to transform the campus into a place where students can connect within an urban natural environment by increasing useable green space throughout NUNM’s campus boundaries.


  • The Commons, Gathering Spaces and Gardens
  • Landscape, Water and Green Roofs
  • Streetscapes, Pedestrian Corridors and Parking Lots


  • Distributed Infrastructure
  • Building Renovations
  • Performance Contracting
  • Integrated Design
  • Campus Development Standards
  • Thinking Big

Download Part 3 of the Master Plan

Part 4: Transportation, Access & Parking, Process & Planning Committee

NUNM’s Master Planning Committee, which included representatives from the college’s staff, students, faculty and board, collaborated with representatives from the City of Portland, TriMet and the Oregon Department of Transportation to examine what was working on campus and where improvements were needed.

  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Access
  • Transit Access
  • Auto Access
  • Parking
  • Master Plan Process
  • Master Planning Committee & Consultant Team

Download Part 4 of the Master Plan