Saumya Comer

Adjunct Faculty

Saumya Comer is a practitioner and teacher of manual therapy and movement education. She began her studies in 1985 in Aston Kinetics, where she learned how to use a combination of bodywork with sensory integration. She continued her studies in the Osteopathic techniques of craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage and the Chinese organ massage, Chi Nei Tsang.

Saumya has also been an avid student and instructor of qigong, living in Thailand part time for four years to study with Mantak Chia and in California to study medical qigong with Jerry Johnson. Through her deepening understanding, Saumya has discovered that her two branches of study, the ancient healing arts of Taoist qigong and the contemporary somatic & osteopathic therapies, share many principles in common. She has incorporated this synthesis throughout her more than 35 years of clinical practice and her extensive teaching.


  • Palpation & Perception I, II & III