Dean of Students


  • Salary Range: $65,000 - $75,000 per year
  • Hours: 40 hours per week
  • Department: Student Affairs
  • Closing Date: Open until filled


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The Department of Student Affairs is responsible for those activities, programs and events which support the academic mission of the University.  The Dean of Students provides leadership, organization, supervision and evaluation of the following areas and programs: academic advising, counseling, student affairs, student life, student access and success, and academic testing. Responsible for administering college policies and procedures regarding students’ rights and responsibilities, Administration of the Code of Student Conduct and Title IX, and working collaboratively with academic deans, faculty and academic support personnel to achieve student access and success in an inclusive campus environment.


Dean Responsibilities:

  • Oversee implementation in support of the delivery of student services, programs, and university events and operations.
  • Develop institutional plans and policies designed to foster an effective learning environment and offer a high level of care and customer service.
  • Member of the Academic Operations Team, Academic Affairs Committee, accreditation steering committee, and the Board Development Committee.
  • Support and participate in the development and implementation of the University’s diversity strategic plan and support the University’s initiatives for diversity.
  • Compile and maintain statistics on student attrition. Provide institutional leadership to address retention strategies
  • Participate in professional organizations and outside committees as a representative for the University, which currently include the areas of student judicial affairs and Title IX, e.g. Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force.

Counseling, Health and Safety Responsibilities:

  • Chair the Crisis Assessment and Response (CARE) Team and develop policies and procedures for the University’s response to student health and safety issues and crisis situations.
  • Participate on the Threat Assessment Team.
  • Support in the evaluation and review of Counseling Center policies and procedures, including the counseling intern positions and the peer counseling process.
  • Provide initial counseling and referral for students in crisis to counseling services and evaluate and advise about community resources.
  • Advise students, faculty, and administration in regards to student concerns, problem solving, mediation and serve as a student advocate during these processes.
  • Assist faculty and Deans with individual concerns regarding students and mediate conflict as needed.
  • Collaborate with Safety and Security staff to provide emergency response for students and appropriate follow-up.

Title IX Responsibilities:

  • Designated as the institutional Title IX Coordinator, with ultimate oversight and responsibility for the university’s response to Title IX reports and complaints.
  • Must have knowledge of the requirements of Title IX, of the University’s own policies and procedures on sex/gender discrimination, and of all complaints raising Title IX issues throughout the institution.
  • Evaluates a student’s request for confidentiality in the context of the University’s responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students.
  • Monitors and articulates federal guidelines and requirements and updates University policy in relation to Title IX law developments including ensuring grievance processes are fair, prompt and equitable.
  • Identifies and addresses any patterns or systemic problems revealed by such reports and complaints.
  • Must be informed of all reports and complaints raising Title IX issues, even if the report or complaint was initially filed with another individual or office or if the investigation will be conducted by another individual or office.
  • Provides educational materials and training on Title IX issues to all campus constituents.
  • Identifies, participates in, and provides opportunities for training for Deputy Title IX Coordinators, and Title IX Investigators.
  • May conduct Title IX investigations, including investigating facts relevant to a complaint, and determines appropriate sanctions against the perpetrator and remedies for the complainant;
  • Determines appropriate interim measures for a complainant upon learning of a report or complaint of sexual violence; and
  • Ensures appropriate policies and procedures are in place for working with local law enforcement and coordinating services with local victim advocacy organizations and service providers, including rape crisis centers.

Disability and Academic Access and Success Services Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the management, development, and maintenance of campus support resources for academic success such as tutoring, promoting awareness of learning styles and other resources.
  • Oversee the disabilities services to ensure legal requirements are met by the University.

Judicial Responsibilities:

  • Oversees and insures compliance with the adjudication of the Code of Conduct and Honor Council and develops, trains, oversees, and evaluates the Honor Council.
  • Trains students regarding the University’s judicial system, legal rights, and responsibilities.
  • Maintains professional training to advise the University regarding laws that affect the students, faculty, staff, and the administration in regards to student Code of Conduct
  • Oversees the student grievance policy, procedure, and processes and includes conducting investigations as needed.
  • Assists in the separation process with any student who is academically or behaviorally separated from the college.

Orientation and Retention Responsibilities:

  • Plans, implements, and evaluates new student orientations and on-going orientation opportunities and ensures the integration and implementation of change as needed.
  • Liaises with the Admissions Department regarding deposited students, communications, and orientation information.
  • Oversees the student mentor program, and selects and trains student coordinators.
  • Provides a supportive environment for students from diverse backgrounds and organizes special population support groups.

Student Affairs Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate the support of Student Government, student organizations, clubs, teams, and events and train staff and faculty serving as club advisors.
  • Oversee the development of policy and procedures in the Student Handbook and communication of policy changes to students.
  • Oversee the annual publication of the Student Handbook, updates to the web-site, and other department publications as needed.
  • Oversee the policies and procedures for general services to students.
  • Maintain compliance with student services federal and state laws, accreditation standards, and professional association guidelines.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate a support program that supports international and minority recruitment and retention of students.

University Events Responsibilities:

  • Direct Graduation event in collaboration with the President, Provost, Board of Directors, Deans, Marketing, Advancement, Facilities, Registrar, and other departments as necessary.
  • Manage contracts with outside companies to implement events.
  • Facilitate faculty and staff involvement in student life events.
  • Oversee educational programming and University events.



  • A Master’s degree in student affairs, educational leadership or related field from an accredited institution, and a minimum of five years of higher education experience in Student Affairs with at least one year supervising employees; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Doctorate from an accredited institution preferred.
  • Demonstrated leadership and management experience with education and experience in counseling and in Student Affairs management highly preferred. Familiarity with relevant state and federal regulations and accrediting processes.
  • Experience of sensitivity and a demonstrated commitment to a diverse university community that includes inclusion.
  • Experience in budget development and fiscal management.
  • Experience with crisis management.

Experience with federal guidelines including FERPA, Clery Act, and Title IX.