Dr. Josh Berry Memorial Scholarship

To support a student in the third or higher year of studies at NUNM, with Pediatrics as the primary focus of study and intended practice.

Josh Berry was born June 18, 1971 in Corvallis, Oregon. Native to the Oregon Coast Siuslaw National Forest, Josh learned the ways of the plants, animals, rivers, and ocean from his earliest years. He attended school in Eugene, Oregon, Waldport High School, and Pacific University in Forest Grove; he received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Oregon and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from NCNM (now NUNM) in 1998.

Josh was active in sports and a consummate musician all his life. He played wind instruments in school bands, he wrote, sang, and recorded many songs, and he played keyboards and guitar in bands during and after college. Josh could be counted on to play on or coach local teams, just as he could be counted on to sing and play at local events and venues.

Josh wrote stories for children, had a love of all children, and dedicated his practice especially to the naturopathic healing of young people. He established a successful family practice at Hawleyville Naturopathic Medical Center in Hawleyville, CT, where he was known for providing extensive individual care and building a strong rapport with his patients. Josh developed effective pediatric supplements and highly effective treatments for Lyme Disease, autism and ADHD.

Josh died February 2, 2009, and is survived by his wife, two sons, many loving family members, and a strong community of friends.


A $2,000 scholarship awarded to two students for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Current ND student entering their third year or higher in Naturopathic Medicine at NUNM.


Complete the online scholarship application. Answering the general questions on the NUNM application page is not necessary for this scholarship.

1. 1000 Word essay describing:

  • the applicant’s motivation related to naturopathic pediatrics and working to improve the health of children
  • details related to the applicant’s personal and scholastic background from undergraduate to the current level of study; and
  • three or more experiences which have significantly influenced and/or affected his or her development, perspectives, motivations, interests and other key features of his or her character.

2. Names of possible recommendations of two NUNM professors with good knowledge of candidate’s character, scholastic abilities, and his or her aspirations toward a career.


The Selection Committee reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship as of the end of the period of study in which the committee comes to this decision should the recipient:

  1. fail to maintain studies which demonstrate a commitment to pediatrics;
  2. fail to exhibit diligence in pursuit of studies in naturopathic medicine; or
  3. demonstrate unacceptable moral character.