Partners Program

Established in 1956, NUNM is the oldest naturopathic medical school in North America and the mother of all naturopathic medical schools. As a University, we offer programs that range from doctorate degrees in naturopathic and Chinese medicine to master degrees in nutrition and global health, to our newly established undergraduate programs. All programs interconnect traditional, nature cure and evidence-based medicine.

Through the work of our Helfgott Research Institute – funded primarily by the National Institutes of Health – we continue to increase our collaborative powers, teaming up with such renowned institutions as Oregon Health and Science University, the Oregon Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research. This powerful blend of education and outreach advances the healing professions. Our NUNM Institutes, Food As Medicine, Traditional Roots, Age Wise and Women in Balance, provide networking, education and outreach to communities nationwide and form a strong referral and educational database for our health professionals.

Our graduates and their many thousands of patients are hungry for excellent products. We profile our partner companies in a variety of ways to heighten brand awareness, while promoting product integrity. NUNM partners share the same vision and passion for natural medicine, research and outreach. Our vision rests in our firm conviction that natural medicine will lead the practice of medicine in the coming years.

The NUNM Partners Program offers many opportunities to promote natural product companies in support of natural medicine in the following ways:

  • Multi-Year Projects: Support for original research, residencies, community clinic product donations, scholarships or customized projects.
  • Naming Opportunities: Partner names on buildings, lecture halls, classrooms, murals, the library, cafeteria pavilions and green spaces.
  • Product Knowledge Lunches: Product information is presented to students, faculty, alumni and other health-care professionals with a VIP lunch.
  • Continuing Education: Opportunity to sponsor a continuing education conference, includes ample marketing and branding opportunities
  • Featured Partner: NUNM’s Annual Career and Resource Fair – TIP/TOP.
  • Pride of NUNM Graduation Gala Featured Guest
  • Starter Medicinary Program
  • Featured Sponsor of Nexus, NUNM‘s Quarterly Newsletter
  • Product Presence
  • Sampling Tables
  • …and much, much more