Schleich/Czeranko Scholarship

The Schleich/Czeranko Scholarship will be awarded to a current, full-time student who has successfully completed at least one year of study in any degree program. It was made possible by generous donations from our community in honor of NUNM President Emeritus, David J. Schleich, PhD, and Staff Emerita, Sussanna Czeranko, ND, BBE. Drs. Schleich and Czeranko are prolific writers and scholars in their fields and leave a legacy of scholarship and advancement to the natural medicine profession. The scholarship will be evenly distributed over Fall, Winter and Spring terms from the Financial Aid Office.

Additional Scholarship Criteria

All current registered full-time students qualify for this scholarship.

  1. Student must have successfully completed at least one year of study in their degree program.
  2. Student must have a personal and professional interest in the principles underlying traditional naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine practice, which are foundational to contemporary health promotion across the disciplines of the university.
  3. Student must have a commitment to research and future publication in their chosen field in natural medicine.

Essay Requirement

Select ONE of the following questions to answer in 470-500 words:

  1. In what ways can contemporary natural medicine professionals in naturopathic and Chinese medicine improve collaboration with allopathic doctors in delivering healthcare?
  2. How can contemporary natural medicine professionals assure the persistence of traditional naturopathic and Chinese medicine principles and practice in modern healthcare delivery?