Study Abroad Programs

Customized International Experiences that Fit Your Degree

Whether you want to take courses abroad for credit and conduct original research, or complete your preceptorship requirements while serving others in an ethical way, NUNM’s study abroad program offers you an individualized, immersive experience that fits what you want to learn.

Customize your experience and decide on timeframes, locations and courses that suit your needs. But no matter what you choose, you will learn by serving alongside community leaders and working to become more globally conscious through your program.

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Where You’ll Go

We partner with organizations around the globe that are working toward global health and social justice. Countries that you can visit in our study abroad program include:

  • Cambodia
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • France
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Peru
  • Tanzania
  • Vietnam

Who is this Program for?

NUNM study abroad programs are offered for current university students (NUNM and all other universities), as well as those who wish to customize their own study abroad trip without seeking a degree. If you want to make a difference globally and better understand the needs of diverse communities, this program might be for you.

An admissions counselor can answer questions to help you determine if our study abroad program is right for you.

Practicum and Preceptorship Opportunities

Whatever your goals, your program will include hands-on learning and active service. Our staff supports you in placement and oversight for your practicum or preceptorship, as well as any research opportunities or coursework that you choose to complete. Some opportunities to fulfill your practicum or preceptorship requirements include working in:

  • Low-resource hospitals in impoverished communities
  • Women’s reproductive health clinics
  • International disaster relief agencies
  • Permaculture projects in villages in rural areas
  • Micro-enterprise focused on sustainable food products
  • Nutrition projects in schools and training centers
  • Community centers combating the fallout from Agent Orange
  • LGBTQ advocacy organizations
  • Health care for refugees, immigrants and the displaced
  • Health educational facilities for at-risk youth
  • Animal welfare, conservation and environmental agencies

Learn More and Apply

Study abroad programs are offered for those who wish to customize their own study abroad trip with or without seeking a degree. Looking for a more standardized international program? Read about NUNM’s international Master of Arts programs here. These programs were developed by IPSL Global Institute at NUNM.

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