Clinical Needling Observer


  • Salary Range: $25 per hour
  • Hours: On-Call
  • Department: College of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Closing Date: Open until filled


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The College of Classical Chinese Medicine at NUNM is seeking licensed faculty supervisorsto serve a special role in the clinic during summer 2018 Clinical Internship rotations. This position ensures that every needle insertion made by CCM students during their first quarter of Clinical Internship is observed. Each clinic shift is 4 hours in length; the workload for this position can be as few as one and as many as six shifts per week (ranging from 4 to 24 hours per week). Position starts the first week of July and runs through the second week of September. Candidates will be further considered to serve as clinical substitutes for the regular clinical faculty on Clinical Observation, Mentoring, and Internship rotations.

Clinical Education Duties:

  • Observe needle insertions of CCM interns (not attended by the regular clinical rotationsupervisor) during their first quarter of practice.
  • Check and correct point location, ensuring that needle insertions are accurate and safe.
  • Ensure that students are practicing in accordance with all standards, rules, regulations,and laws applicable to clinical practice whether established by NUNM, the State ofOregon, or other governmental or regulatory body.

Professional Development Duties:

  • Maintain current credentials and content expertise.


As a minimum, candidates for this position must hold a valid license to practice acupuncture in the state of Oregon as an LAc, an acupuncture degree, and have a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience. Experience as a clinical supervisor in an academic educational setting preferred. Strong knowledge of point location required, along with current knowledge of CNT, OSHA, and HIPAA regulations. Preferred, though not required: lineage training in a system of classical Chinese medicine.