Campus Safety & Security

NUNM Public Safety and Security Department is committed to providing a variety of services to students, staff and visitors to maintain the order and success of our community. For a list of regularly available services please visit our services page. Our staff is available 24/7 via either the security cell phone number (during business hours) or the after hours call service (during campus closures). Our staff is trained to handle a variety of emergency situations as well as investigate criminal activity. We can also refer individuals to appropriate internal and external resources for victims’ assistance. As a matter of public safety, please feel free to contact Public Safety and Security Officers at any time to report suspicious activity or a criminal incident.

Report an incident

Our Mission

In line with NUNM’s mission, the Public Safety and Security Department is focused on providing excellent service to the community to support the environment necessary to “educate and train physicians, practitioners and pre-professionals in the art, science and research of natural medicine.”

Sexual Assault Resources

For information on sexual assault resources please visit the Sexual Assault, Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence resources page or visit the Student Life department on the ground level of the Administration Building.