Adjunct Faculty - Course Development - Pathology/Conditions 1


  • Salary Range: Approx. $1040 per credit
  • Department: School of Graduate Studies
  • Closing Date: Open until filled


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Adjunct Faculty Opening (In-Person Class, Portland, OR)

School of Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Science in Integrative Therapeutics – Massage Therapy Track


NUNM’s School of Undergraduate Studies is seeking an adjunct academic faculty member to develop the Pathology/Conditions 1 course. Individuals developing courses at NUNM are contracted to deliver a completed syllabus, course outline and teaching materials necessary to properly deliver a course. Program outcomes and course competencies have already been developed; many learning objectives have as well but the developer will have the flexibility to further develop these learning objectives with the dean. The specifics about course delivery and pedagogy will be discuss with the right candidates. Course developers perform duties and responsibilities in accordance with the philosophy, mission, policies, and procedures of the University and appropriate to the individual assignment.


Course NamePathology/Conditions 1

Term: Taught Winter Term, 2019/20

Course Credits: 3 (Course development will be paid at 1.5 credits, or $1560)


NOTE: The development of this course is to be performed face to face, with the dean of the school of undergraduate studies at NUNM, in Portland, Oregon

This series of courses provide students with information to understand and apply knowledge of basic pathologies and conditions, which are most pertinent to massage therapists. This course will deepen knowledge of the musculoskeletal systems and present definitions, causes, symptoms, and appropriate actions/referrals for the pathologies/conditions of these systems. Emphasis is on musculoskeletal pathologies/conditions that massage therapists need to recognize as contraindications or because they are emergent conditions that require immediate action. The course includes signs and symptoms of diseases with emphasis on recognition and identification. The course purpose is to discuss musculoskeletal pathologies with the goal of being able to make informed decisions about the safety and applicability of massage therapy. In addition, students will learn to develop critical thinking skills to be able to find information independently and to identify the variables that contribute to informed decisions.


Competencies. At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • List and explain common conditions that massage therapists need to have a working knowledge of.
  • Identify the physiological effects that certain pathologies and conditions have on the musculoskeletal system.
  • List and utilize appropriate resources to determine massage contraindications and indications based on common pathologies associated with patient health history intake
  • Define sign, symptom progression, complications, and prognosis of pathologies/conditions presented
  • List and describe signs and symptoms of inflammation
  • Explain and apply clinical prediction rules in determining whether signs/symptoms require an assessment from a medical provider and the immediacy of that requirement
  • Recognize when a referral is warranted/required and explain where or to whom the referral will be made.



Applicants must have education, experience, skill and knowledge in the area they will be developing; preference will be given to those who have teaching and/or course development experience. This is face to face course development so the applicant must live in or within commuting distance to Portland, Oregon, USA.