Adjunct Faculty - Cadaver Dissection and Anatomy Lab Faculty


  • Salary Range: Approx. $1040 per credit
  • Department: College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Closing Date: Open until filled


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The College of Naturopathic Medicine is seeking Adjunct academic faculty members to perform instructional duties and responsibilities in accordance with the philosophy, mission, policies, and procedures of the University and appropriate to the individual assignment. The relationship of the faculty member to the student is one of teacher, mentor, and facilitator of learning.

Program: College of Naturopathic Medicine

Course NameCadaver Dissection and Anatomy Lab Faculty
Term: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Course Credits: Summer (3), Fall (8), Winter, (5) Spring (3)

Basic duties include the following:

  • Perform dissections based on weekly classroom schedules for ND and SUS programs
  • Work collaboratively with lead anatomy faculty for ND and SUS programs
  • Perform mold checks weekly and over academic breaks
  • Work with facilities to ensure proper cleaning has occurred
  • Conduct lab tours as requested per admissions
  • Handle outside requests for lab space and miscellaneous issues
  • Work with faculty support to ensure lab is appropriately stocked with supplies
  • Perform equipment maintenance, upkeep and replacement
  • Oversee lab schedule for open labs and make up tests for ND and SUS
  • Oversee annual order, removal and transport of cadavers



  • Master’s degree (doctorate preferred) in biology or related field
  • Must be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge in human anatomy and prior dissection experience