Standardized Patient - Gynecological Model


  • Salary Range: $31.00 - $41.50 per hour
  • Hours: Occasional/On Call
  • Department: College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Closing Date: Open until filled


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The Gynecological Model provides students in-class modeling and exam of the human body as part of the curriculum.

***Current NUNM students, even those on academic leave from school, are not eligible to apply for this position.***

Gyn Model ($41.50 an hour)

Work 50 minutes of a lab class, which may include more than one student team of two practicing on the model for pelvic exam or diaphragm/cervical cap fitting. Must be on time and committed to days they are scheduled or communicate that you will be absent as soon as possible.



Proctology Model: ($41.50 an hour)

Models may be male or female.

Noninvasive Model: ($31.00 an hour) 

Eye Models:

Models to have their eyes dilated. . Models are screened before given midriatic agent (pupil dilator) and have their eyes dilated so that students can view inside their eyes for one hour session per eye. Students in class perform ophthalmoscopic exams on them

Cardio Model:

 Models must have diagnosed heart murmur that can be readily heard through a stethoscope.  Models lay while the students auscultate and palpate their heart and they may have their legs raised or be asked to stand/squat while the student listens to their heart.

Classroom Model ($31.00 an hour)

OSCE Model: ($31.00 an hour)

Models will be responsible for portraying the part of a patient with a specific medical problem. The model will need to provide memorized information to the student during the taking of the history of present illness, review of systems, and family and social history. Models will need to judge when it is appropriate (or not) to give information, and respond appropriately during the physical examination.

Models must follow guidelines regarding confidentiality of the exam process, exam cases, student and physician information, and accept constructive criticism and training in a positive manner. Models must be aware of what he/she does not know regarding the case, and seek guidance from NUNM personnel to get that information.



Gyn Models: Experience being a medical model before, with being a Gyn model preferred.

Proctology Models: No experience necessary.

GPA Models: Must be experienced with patient portrayal/standardized patient scenarios. Acting, improvisation, and knowledge of medical terminology are helpful but not critical.  The model will need to have good memorization skills as large amounts of information may be needed in a day of exams. The patient model must have access to equipment that allows checking and responding to email twice daily.  The model must have access to a printer to print needed forms and the cases themselves. Must have good work habits, be punctual and prepared, and avoid unnecessary absences.



  • $30.00 – $41.500 an hour Base Wage


This in-person position will be based at our campus in Portland, Oregon.