Adjunct Faculty - CCM Clinic


  • Department: College of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Closing Date: Open until filled


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Program: College of Classical Chinese Medicine


Job Title: Clinical Faculty (Observation, Mentor and Observation shifts)

Salary: $1098/work unit (3 work units per term)

Hours: TBD

Term: Starting Fall 2024


Adjunct Clinical Faculty members perform instructional and clinical duties and responsibilities in accordance with the philosophy, mission, policies, and procedures of the College and appropriate to the individual assignment. The relationship of the faculty member to the student is one of teacher, mentor and facilitator of learning.



Clinical Education Duties:

  • Attract and manage a patient base of sufficient volume and diversity to allow assigned students to meet all educational objectives of the particular clinical experience.
  • Comply with all applicable standards, rules, regulations, and laws applicable to clinical practice whether established by NUNM, the State of Oregon, or other governmental or regulatory bodies.
  • Practice in a manner consistent with established standards and expectations of the profession and the community.
  • Manage a diverse population of students in clinical learning environments.
  • Attend monthly clinical faculty meetings (preferred, not required for adjunct faculty).

Scholarship Duties:

  • Clinical faculty members are required to comply with professional continuing education requirements of their license.

Professional Development Duties:

  • Maintain current credentials and content expertise.
  • Maintain an awareness of new instructional technology and advances in teaching and learning theory and practice, with particular to attention to medical education, clinical education, and adult learning.
  • Maintain an awareness of new developments in the practice of natural medicine and/or other areas of content expertise as appropriate.

Participate in formative and summative evaluation processes to insure excellence and continuous improvement as an educator and clinician.



Masters or doctorate (preferred) from an ACAHM approved program. Active, unrestricted LAc license in the state of Oregon.

Clinical: Minimum of five (5) years of successful full-time clinical practice.



Must possess the following qualifications.

  • A strong drive to serve the University and the natural medicine professions.
  • Knowledge of current trends in clinical pedagogy and curriculum development
  • Knowledge of instructional discipline to a depth and breadth appropriate to the assignment.
  • Skill in instructing socioeconomically, educationally, and culturally diverse students.
  • Skill in using technology to effectively communicate with students, colleagues, and the community at large.
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective, collaborative, and collegial relationships with colleagues, students, staff, administrators, alumni, and the public


This position is based in Portland, Oregon