Lead Practitioner - Women in Balance Institute


  • Salary Range: $30,680 per year
  • Hours: 20 hours per week
  • Department: Advancement
  • Closing Date: Open until filled


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This is a renewable one year term certain appointment, 20 hours a week, in which the Women in Balance Institute [WIBI] Lead  has the primary responsibility to implement the programs of the Women in Balance Institute at NUNM.  The Lead Practitioner  will be responsible for the following: annual woman’s health conference [public and professional tracts], monthly newsletter, adding current and relevant research articles and development of the resources of the WIBI website, community education for the public, and assisting in attracting funding for research and sponsorships for educational events.



Continuing Education Lectures to Medical Professionals

  • The Lead Practitioner will organize and implement Continuing Medical Education lecture series and workshops designed to help medical professionals better understand and utilize clinical treatments and therapies which promote women’s health including therapies for hormone balancing. These presentations will be webcasted and captured for distance learning [immediately in real time] and available on the NUNM website under Continuing Education. A web-based chat room will help physicians share information and network for better patient outcomes.  An annual women’s health conference will offer up to 16 professional CE credits over a weekend. Speakers will bring the latest research and clinical findings to a wide audience [also webinared and captured for future sale].  The conference will have sponsors, sponsored speakers and vendors.


Annual Conference Program:  Lectures and Workshops for Public

  • The Lead Practitioner will create a series of lectures designed to motivate communities to attend WIBI Women’s Health symposia and drive focus to the WIBI website, using social media, twitter, and newsletters. The WIBI program will target audiences of women with a concern for women’s health issues and their families. The lectures, conferences and articles will be designed to educate the public about health and aging in women.


Proactive Agenda of Women’s Health Research

  • The Lead Practitioner will continuously review WIBI literature, interview WIBI physicians, alumni, and scientific teams, analyze NUNM women’s health curricula and women’s health and hormone texts. These activities will provide the basis for lectures and articles. These resources will draw families to workshops [web casted] which the Lead Physician will lead and deliver with the support of the NUNM student leadership team. From this literature review and interviews and other written materials, the Lead Physician will create pieces for public consumption with the help of the Continuing Education and Marketing Departments. Student leaders will continuously assist the Lead Practitioner.
  • Working in collaboration with the Helfgott Research Institute, the Women in Balance Institute at NUNM will assist in attracting funding from granting agencies including government and foundation sponsors. The Lead Practitioner will maintain the WIBI website with links to research resources and will assist in the design of timely, critical research projects centered on women’s health issues including the role of hormone health women’s health education, evaluating benefits of popular women’s products and newly emerging health diagnostics and testing methods, and supporting professionals engaging in research relating to hormone balancing.

Identify Student Leaders – Work the Agenda

  • WIBI Lead Practitioner will select student leaders who, as a group, are called upon to lead the way locally, regionally and nationally. The students will work under the direction of the Lead Physician to write articles for an In Balance newsletter, and to develop and market information, lectures and research promoting collaboration and awareness of health solutions for women’s hormone balance.

Project Management of WIBI Program

  • The Director of Institutes will ensure that the WIBI program project remains on schedule. Project management will include daily interaction. The Lead Practitioner will direct the work and work of NUNM students. Status reports will be delivered to the Advancement and CE Team weekly and monthly.

Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor.


Heath Educator degree, Registered Nursing degree, Physician Assistant degree or Naturopathic Doctorate, Medical Doctorate, or Chiropractic Doctorate degree required.  If a physician, must be licensed to practice medicine in Oregon. A background in public health and a focus on women’s health and research is highly desirable.

The lead practitioner will have

  • Expertise in natural and conventional methods for hormone balancing and related professional experience speaking, writing and teaching on women’s health issues and undertaking women’s health research. A background in women’s health, highly regarded for public presentations and have experience and abilities to lead workshops for medical students, medical professionals and the general public to support optimal wellness and focus on healthy outcomes for women as they age.
  • Interest in research projects from initiation through to analysis and publication.
  • Sufficient demonstrable experience to work as a mentor to connect and help season a team of NUNM students who will become leaders in their profession, coaches, and visionaries to women across the United States.
  • Experience and skills to develop Continuing Education annual conference and a series of bi-monthly lectures and workshops for medical professionals
  • Experience and skill to develop educational platforms to be delivered at WIBI Women’s Health Conference aimed at empowering and supporting the public – women to change to healthy selves.
  • The lead will demonstrate the skills needed to work independently and to supervise medical students in the content of the newsletter [In Balance].
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and troubleshooting skills are essential to perform this job successfully. Background in teaching and accreditation preferred.
  • Experience in directing social media; posting electronic newsletters, tracking online statistics; using twitter and Facebook.