Master of Science in Global Health (MScGH)

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Global Health at NUNM

The Master of Science in Global Health is designed for students who desire to understand the complexity of global health challenges and contribute to solutions in a meaningful way.

The program at NUNM is unique because it:

  • Combines public health with traditional medicine;
  • Provides a whole-systems approach to global health;
  • Discusses multi-disciplinary solutions to complex health issues;
  • Emphasizes health disparities and social justice;
  • Offers fieldwork to hone skills locally or internationally.

Program of Study

Global Health is a natural fit for NUNM as both of our core programs, naturopathic and Chinese medicine, have global origins. These methods of health care are ideal for countries with low economic resources where there is not ready access to western medicine (i.e., pharmaceuticals and surgery) outside large cities. In these locales, integrative therapies including plant medicine, mind-body medicine, physical medicine, and nutrition are both available and cost-effective.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Identify global health issues, international health regulations, and international health systems with an emphasis in traditional world medicines.
  2. Display cultural humility, maturity, and the leadership skills necessary to implement and manage public health programs in local and international settings.
  3. Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration with diverse stakeholders in a global health setting.
  4. Apply principles of advocacy, social justice, and human rights to all programs and projects.
  5. Abide by ethical, moral, and legal code in cultural, medical, political, and economic contexts.
  6. Describe and prioritize major global health problems; potential economic, social and ecological determinants of these problems; and possible solutions.
  7. Use a whole systems approach and traditional medicine philosophy to solve problems in resource-limited settings.
  8. Design, implement, and evaluate global health programs for public health impact, sustainability, and sociocultural relevance using proper research methodology and a traditional medicine approach.

Admission Requirements

Tuition & Fees

MScGH Graduate Career Paths

We expect the majority of our global health students to seek additional education, and find careers in medicine or research. Other career options include jobs in:

  • Public Health
  • International Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Health Policy