Campus Safety & Security

Report an Incident

NUNM is committed to providing a healthy learning and work environment for its students, staff, and faculty. NUNM works to prevent occurrences of sexual assault, including rape and other forms of sexual and interpersonal violence, and to remediate situations that are found to constitute discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct. If you are, or believe to be, the victim of sexual misconduct, rape, or other forms of violence, there are internal and external resources available to you.

For information on sexual assault resources please visit the Sexual Assault, Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence resources page, visit the Student Life department on the ground level of the Administration Building or contact the Title IX Coordinator.

Report an Incident

Title IX Coordinator

Title IX prohibits gender–based harassment or misconduct, which may include acts of verbal, nonverbal, or physical aggression, intimidation, or hostility based on sex or sex–stereotyping, even if those acts do not involve conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual misconduct is defined as any non-consensual sexual contact or act that violates the rights of another. Sexual misconduct typically involves acts that are severe, persistent and pervasive, but also may be a one-time occurrence, that limits the ability to participate in or benefit from an NUNM program or activity.

The dean of students has been designated to handle inquiries regarding NUNM’s Title IX policies and procedures.

Rachael Allen, MS
Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
National University of Natural Medicine
49 South Porter Street, Portland, OR 97201

The Title IX coordinator’s responsibilities are critical to the development, implementation and monitoring of meaningful efforts to comply with Title IX legislation, regulation and case law. In broad terms, the Title IX Coordinator oversees monitoring of university policy in relation to Title IX law developments; implementation of grievance procedures, including notification, investigation and disposition of complaints; provision of educational materials and training for the campus community; conducting and/or coordinating investigations of complaints received pursuant to Title IX; ensuring a fair and neutral process for all parties; and monitoring all other aspects of NUNM’s Title IX compliance.

Exposure and Incident Reporting Forms

Please follow the procedures listed below in the event of an injury or needle stick.

If injury or needle stick occurs while in service to the university, regardless of whether it occurs onsite or off-site, both student and supervisor should immediately contact:

Dr.  Jessica Nagelkirk, NUNM Chief Medical Officer
(906) 235-5950 (cell) / (503) 552-1874 (office)

  1. Follow Form A: Needlestick or Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Protocol.
  2. File an Incident Report.
  3. Download and fill out Form B: Consent to Test Source Individual.
  4. If NUNM Labs are closed or student/staff/source individual desires off-site testing, fill out Form C: Consent to Test Exposed Individual.
  5. If physician evaluation or serological testing is declined, fill out Form D: Off-site Laboratory Testing Authorization.
  6. Download and fill out Form E: Medical Evaluation Waiver.