Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project Receives Substantial Support for Advancing Naturopathic Scholarship

Seattle, Washington.The Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project (FNM) and its academic home, National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), accepted a landmark gift over five-years from Seroyal, a preeminent natural pharmaceutical company founded in 1984 by Rosetta Raso. Committed to natural medicine’s important role in health care, Seroyal’s CEO, Carmen Fortino, and general manager, Yves Yau, announced their generous donation on May 27, 2008. In partnership with Seroyal, FNM can move confidently ahead in its mission to bring traditional naturopathic concepts and practice together with frontier science through advancing scholarship within the naturopathic medicine community.

Seroyal’s generosity helps build a naturopathic medicine community of scholars on three levels. As the Champion and President’s Circle sponsor, Seroyal’s financial commitment is powerfully sustaining for FNM. It keeps them on course to accomplish their primary goals of publishing a seminal textbook codifying the philosophy and principles of naturopathic medicine, sponsoring an international symposia series, and guiding an educational resource development project on the emunctory system, a distinct naturopathic framework for elimination of toxins.

“Seroyal’s commitment to funding research for emunctorology,” acknowledges FNM editor Thomas A. Kruzel, ND, “underscores renewed interest in an old and honored naturopathic tradition. Despite the advances in medicine, there are basic elements in the restoration of health, prevention, and treatment of disease that never change. These are finally being recognized as critical parts of the healing process.”

As a growing international community of scholars, with over 200 naturopathic doctors in six countries and thought-leaders from related disciplines participating in writing the Textbook of Naturopathic Medicine, FNM is weaving a network of scholarly inquiry among the profession’s schools, associations, and agencies. “People support what they help to create,” affirms Mr. Fortino, excited to be a part of such a dynamic effort to elevate naturopathic medicine globally.

From the strong platform of NCNM’s institutional support and Seroyal’s longtime service and dedication to community building and health, FNM continues to escort a burgeoning naturopathic scholarship.