The Organic Chef to Teach Steak Preparation in Charlee's Kitchen

Al Rosas Shares the Secrets of Cooking Healthy Food at NCNM’s Community Kitchen

PORTLAND, Ore. (June 25, 2013) — Al Rosas, The Organic Chef™, a leader in organic and sustainable farming, will teach a workshop, “Healthy Steak —Three Ways,” this Wednesday, June 26 in Charlee’s Kitchen at National College of Natural Medicine.

Rosas, a certified culinary professional and an organic rancher, whose Rosas Farm near Ocala, Fla. has been featured on TV, and in the Boston Globe and other publications, is a farming and culinary expert who teaches what he calls “Pragmatic Organics,” a philosophy that promotes eating a minimum of 80% organically grown food.

His motto is, “To Help America Vote With Its Fork. Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Foods Through Preservation and Education.”

Rosas will combine his culinary skills and love of organic food for an evening workshop dedicated to teaching participants how to prepare 100% organically raised, grass-fed, ribeye steaks that are both healthy and savory. The evening’s menu includes Moroccan-style grilled steak, Latin-inspired steak and garlic pepper steak, along with side dishes that are designed to satisfy the most discerning palate.

Rosas spent the first 20 years of his career working his way up through the restaurant industry, from food and beverage director to executive chef. His innovative cuisine, a variety of organic “cross-ethnic” foods that he prepares organically, is celebrated by tourists who travel across the country to come to his farm.

Founded in Portland in 1956, NCNM is the oldest naturopathic medical school in North America and an educational leader in classical Chinese medicine and CAM research. NCNM offers accredited four-year graduate medical degree programs in naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine, and a Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research degree. Its community clinics provide low-cost medical care throughout the Portland metropolitan area. In addition to the campus-based NCNM Clinic, NCNM practitioners attend to approximately 40,000 patient visits per year. Until July 2006, NCNM was known as the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. The name change reflects the diversity of the college’s programmatic degree offerings.

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