Hevert Pharmaceuticals to Award NCNM $495,000

Five-Year Pledge to Support Residencies, Homeopathic Curriculum and Clinics

PORTLAND, Ore. (Nov. 19, 2013) — NCNM is pleased to announce that its newest Program Partner, Hevert Pharmaceuticals, has pledged its support of NCNM with a gift of $495,000 that will help provide funding for college programs through August 2018. The donation will support the college’s naturopathic residency program and NCNM Press, and help advance NCNM’s homeopathic curriculum. It also includes an in-kind gift to NCNM’s community clinics of Hevert products, valued at $120,000.

Hevert Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of homeopathic medicines, is dedicated to naturopathic medicine and the development of high-quality natural medicine. Founded in Germany in 1956 by pharmacist Emil Hevert, Hevert Pharmaceuticals is an independent, family-owned company run today by Mathias Hevert, its third-generation president. For 57 years, sustainability has been a tradition at the heart of the Hevert philosophy. In addition to its manufacturing excellence, the company is strongly committed to environmental protection, sustainable business practices and responsibility for its employees and community.

NCNM President David J. Schleich, PhD, said about the new partnership: “We are delighted by the perfect symmetry of interests that we have in common with our friends at Hevert. Not only was Hevert founded in the same year as NCNM, but we share a mutual dedication to natural medicine and commitment to quality, as well as a desire to share the healing benefits of natural medicine with the world. We’re deeply grateful for the tremendous vote of confidence that Hevert has expressed in NCNM’s educational leadership, as evidenced by this five-year pledge to support our ND residencies, homeopathic curriculum and clinics.”