My First Year at NCNM


Greetings! My name is Kara Hayes, and I am an admissions counselor at NCNM in charge of new student programs. When I began my role at NCNM over a year ago, I knew I had my work cut out for me. I was brought on board to focus on the development and implementation of new student programs.  In turn, I have spent the past year organizing events and perfecting the campus visit experience.  Something I should mention to you—I love love LOVE giving tours and have been heavily immersed in campus visits and school tours from my days facilitating school groups at the New Children’s Museum in San Diego to leading large bus tours through San Francisco for the Academy of Art University.

So when I was tasked with creating the student ambassador program at NCNM, I referred to my most recent experience as part of the Student Recruitment Team at Portland State University (PSU). Student ambassadors not only speak to campus visitors about why they chose natural medicine as a career path but also how they got here, to Portland, to NCNM, in the first place. What steps did they take to be present in this time and place? Why natural medicine, and why now? What are their experiences like on-campus? These school representatives can additionally speak about their favorite classes and instructors as well as their clinical training.

We are now approaching the second year of the student ambassador programNot only has the program impacted the admissions decision and experiences of prospective and newly admitted students to NCNM, it has, without a doubt, created lifelong connections that translate into new and sustainable friendships between students, sound advice that will affect future leaders of natural medicine, and a welcoming, positive, and solid launching pad to an exciting academic and professional future. Each connection made with a current student enhances the experience for the prospective student, whether just visiting on a weekend or here for an on-campus interview.

NCNM students are the future of natural medicine, and being an NCNM student ambassador follows the doctor as teacher principle of naturopathic medicine are I couldn’t be prouder than to have them represent this institution.  I look forward to a new year of growth and building relationships within and outside the NCNM community! I love my student ambassadors!