Master of Science in Nutrition Student Profile: Anna Flores

Anna graduated Stony Brook University with a BA in sustainability studies. While there, her interest in research led her to manage an earth-work toxicology lab. She could see what the role of toxins were in our world, which led her to become a health and wellness intern in Panama working in sustainable development as a teacher, community health advocate, and in clean water testing and treatment. Anna had always been interested in nutrition; her bedside reading throughout college was the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing Remedies, but it took her time to take this interest seriously. Through another website, she found NCNM and instantaneously knew it was the place for her. She was now ready to pursue her passion.

“What I love about the MScN program is that the education goes beyond other programs. I am really learning why nutrition is important, the effect food and nutrients have on our bodies on a chemical level, and how it all relates to the cause or prevention of disease processes.”

After the program Anna plans on continuing her education in nutritional epidemiology, with the long-term goal of working with under-served populations internationally, focusing on the application of dietary change and its role in disease prevention and treatment.