Summer Conference Roundup

World Naturopathic Federation Emerges from Paris ND Conference

A busy summer of conferences was capped by the second annual International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine (ICNM) held in Paris. Co-founded by NCNM’s Rare Book Room Curator Dr. Sussanna Czeranko and Dr. Anne Marie Narboni, a Parisian naturopathic physician, the Congress brings together naturopathic physicians from some 46 countries to network, present papers and learn from each other.

And network they did, as the executive committee of the assembly held a historic vote on July 6, 2014, to form a new World Naturopathic Federation designed to push the profession forward on a sustained basis worldwide.

NCNM is at the forefront of the effort, with Dr. Tabatha Parker (’04), co-chair of the college’s new master’s in global heath program, helping to lead the charge along with Australia’s Dr. Jonathan Wardle and six other eminent NDs. Representatives of 40 countries have signed on and Parker is using her extensive international experience as co-founder and executive director of Natural Doctors International and work with the World Health Organization (WHO) to build strong ties to WHO and other international health organizations.

“We are all ecstatic about the accomplishment. It is truly a monumental moment in our history,” said Dr. Parker.

Back at the Paris ICNM conference, Dr. Czeranko served as co-chair while NCNM President Dr. David Schleich delivered the first of three major talks for the conference, “How to Blend the Prose and Passion of International Naturopathic Medicine.”

World Naturopathic Federation Founders at ICNM Conference.
World Naturopathic Federation Founders at ICNM Conference.

NCNM Hosts NMSA & IM4US Conferences

Closer to home, NCNM’s students were thrilled to host the annual Naturopathic Medical Student Association conference, held on campus Aug. 16-17. NCNM students started the association several years ago and currently hold the top two leadership positions: President Eric Jorgenson and President- Elect Desta Golden.

NCNM also hosted the fourth annual Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Conference (also known as IM4US) in early September. This year’s event was titled “Integrative Healthcare for All: Extending Our Reach,” and included discussions of successful and affordable integrative approaches to common acute and chronic diseases.