Integrative Health Sciences Capstone Projects, 2018

NUNM Integrative Health Sciences students complete a capstone project for which they are required to draw on all aspects of the curriculum to develop a final project, research paper, or complete an internship. Here is a glimpse of the excellent capstone projects completed by our undergraduate class of 2018.

Hannah Pratt — For my capstone I chose to delve into the subject of the ongoing opiate epidemic gripping America and how federally legalizing medical cannabis could be the solution we have been searching for in a crisis that has affected millions. In the fall, I plan to attend the ND program here at the NUNM and hope to focus on research and botanical medicine.

Raychel Luckau — My capstone is centered around helping patients gain access to naturopathic medicine through: an alternative list of lower cost herbs from the medicinary, a monthly calendar of vetted resources and event, and continuing to work with the community clinic managers. After graduation I will be entering the ND program here at NUNM.

Victoria Weedman — For my capstone project, I attended a 32-hour DONA certified doula training. I am now working on developing my doula business so I can practice in Arizona this summer. I will be attending SCNM’s Naturopathic Medicine program in the fall.

Jenna Gunnell – My capstone project is centered around botanical medicine and creating informative articles and content that gives honor to a handful of these plants. After graduation I am taking a year to spend time with my newborn before returning to work on my doctorate.

Danica Marsh — I have collaborated with two other students on an online cookbook that will feature affordable, simple, yet delicious meals. All of our recipes will incorporate produce grown in the Pacific Northwest during the spring and summer months. After graduating, I will be taking some time off to further explore the field of natural medicine and hone in on how I want it to be a part of my life down the road.

Julie Brush — My capstone project is a documentary-style film containing interviews of women discussing women’s health and wellness. Moving forward, I hope to continue exploring my passion of women’s health and telling the stories that deserve to be heard.

Jennifer Wilkerson — For my capstone, I created a legacy project for the Traditional Roots Institute called “Common Not Ordinary.” The project provided content for their social media, as well as to support students further in their botanical studies. It involved taking photos of medicinal herbs, researching abstract uses for said herb, and creating an infographic with a synopsis of the research article. After graduation I will be taking a year for self-care and reflection before continuing on to the Chinese medicine program.

Olivia Jones — For my capstone project, I completed an internship with Growing Gardens, an organization that focuses on how food access and nutrition affect Portland’s richly diverse communities. I implemented cooking demonstrations at food pantries held at local elementary schools. I hope to work in community health and nutrition education after I graduate.

Nikol Wells — For my capstone project, I wanted to inspire my fellow Starbucks coworkers to reduce cup waste in our stores, since our paper and plastic cups are not recyclable. Every employee at all 14 stores in my district have committed to only using reusable cups while at work. I am excited to see the impact this commitment could make company wide.

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