NUNM alumni host podcast to discuss cancer, naturopathic medicine

On the latest episode of ‘The Cancer Pod,’ Drs. Leah Sherman and Tina Kaczor share the benefits of berries.

Drs. Leah Sherman and Tina Kaczor

Since 2021, National University of Natural Medicine alumni Drs. Tina Kaczor and Leah Sherman have hosted “The Cancer Pod.” 

On the podcast, the two Fellows of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology dub themselves “naturopathic doctors who know a lot about cancer care.” This may be an understatement.

Dr. Kaczor has more 20 years of experience in oncology and lectures regularly to her fellow integrative colleagues. Dr. Sherman not only has worked in cancer hospitals but is a survivor of breast cancer herself. 

“We set out to create something to reach as many people as possible, to help people understand how integrative medicine in general, and naturopathic medicine specifically, can help them during and after treatment,” Dr. Sherman said. “It’s become so much more, with a lot of our listeners telling us they listen because they enjoy it! That’s been a nice surprise.”

Now in its third season, all episodes — 80 and counting — are available on their website in categories with titles such as “Supplements 101,” “The Truth About…,” “Survivorship/Suvivorsh!t!,” and more.  

“The feedback I’ve gotten from colleagues is that our podcast has become a useful resource to give to their patients,” Dr. Kaczor said. “We are not currently seeing patients ourselves. Instead, we’ve made the conscious choice to broadcast our knowledge on behalf of our profession and in service to needy patients.

“This feels like the best way to help the most people.”

In their latest episode, “Why Eat Berries? Food First!” from Feb. 21, the hosts embarked on an insightful discussion on common and exotic berries and what’s inside them that makes them so nutritious.

Listen to the latest episode below or visit their website to check out all episodes of The Cancer Pod.