Bryan McMahon, LAc

Adjunct Faculty
  • Education: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine: Dip.O.M., 2010

Bryan McMahon is a clinical practitioner of acupuncture, herbal medicine and Chinese bodywork, with degrees from Middlebury College and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Originally from the U.S., he spent 15 years steeped in the languages and cultures of Japan and China, developing an integrated approach to healing under the close instruction of accomplished physicians, martial artists and spiritual adepts. His clinical strategies are firmly rooted in eight years of traditional apprenticeship under the guidance of Dr. Li Xin, one of the leading clinicians and exponents of classical culture in China today. During his time in China, McMahon lectured extensively on traditional culture in major cities including Beijing and Shanghai, to both foreign and Chinese audiences.

He currently resides in Portland where he divides his time between clinical practice at the Center for Natural Medicine and instruction in clinical medicine at NUNM. As a dedicated follower of the traditional path of cultivation, McMahon continues to find inspiration and healing insight through the study and practice of the non-dual yoga of Kashmir Saivism.


  • Herbs Practicum I-III