Amy Bader, BS, ND

Assistant Professor

Dr. Amy Bader
Naturopathic Doctor, Assistant Professor & Attending Physician
Co-Founder, SkinTē

Amy Bader, ND is an accomplished doctor, teacher, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley as well as the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), where she is now an assistant professor and attending physician. She has a private practice in Vancouver, Washington where she works one on one with patients helping them achieve a higher level of health. Her passion for treating patients with complex chronic diseases is rooted in her extensive training in clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, and homeopathy.

Dr. Bader has been interviewed as an expert in natural medicine for radio, newspapers, magazines, and television. She has been a contributing expert columnist for The Natural Path, an online natural health resource, as well as a founding co-director of NUNM’s Integrative Skin Care Clinic. She was also a distinguished member of the Advisory Board for Parable, maker of Daily™, a braincare supplement.

Dr. Bader is a co-founder of Real Beauty Food, LLC, the maker of SkinTē, where her love of natural medicine and whole-body wellness is the foundation of its nutritious (and delicious) sparkling collagen teas.


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