Kimberly Windstar, MEd, ND

  • Focus: Women's Health
  • Education:
    • National College of Naturopathic Medicine, ND, 1991
    • California State College, MEd, 1982

Pronouns – she/her/hers

After finishing two degrees in education, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and a national certification as an athletic trainer I was a Head Athletic Trainer at California University of Pennsylvania.  It was during my experience there with the athletes I worked with that I was inspired to become a physician. When I discovered Naturopathic Medicine it was a perfect fit, incorporating conventional wisdom with the foundation of natural medicine, naturopathic philosophy and mind/body medicine.  One of the most important aspects of medicine that appealed to me was the doctor-patient relationship.

As a Naturopathic Physician I use every modality available and apply them based on a patient’s presentation and pathology.  I am particularly interested in unearthing obstacles and applying energy medicine such as homeopathy, holistic pelvic floor therapy, flower essences and counseling tools to help patients open to the wounded places to allow light and love to facilitate deep healing. 

I have specialized in women’s health for 30 years including specialty procedures such as colposcopy and other reproductive biopsy procedures.  I created and supervised six women’s health mentor student teaching shifts with a residency position as well for 15 years at the NUNM Main Clinic.  Students were mentored for a full year and followed patients throughout that time learning how to diagnose, treat and manage long term women’s health cases.  Over the past five years I have been added teaching Mindful Self-Compassion and been incorporating mindfulness in many classes I teach imparting tools that will ultimately decrease the likelihood of physician burnout and increase a future physicians modality toolbox with patients.

Outside of work I have three dogs that bring joy, humor and unconditional love to my life every day.  I enjoy time with my family; my husband, Michael and my three grandchildren.  We have an urban garden with nine fruit trees, a large plot of Marion berries, several raised garden beds with many herbs, flowers and vegetables that keep us busy most of the year and provide lots of wonderful food.  I have a deep meditation practice in Buddhism and mindfulness. 


  • CLE709 Clinic Secondary Rotation
  • CLE811 Clinic Primary Rotation
  • CLS514/524/534 Clinical Case presentations I, II, III
  • CLS520 Clinical/Physical Diagnosis II
  • CLS532 Pathology III
  • NOS613 Gynecology
  • NOS615 Gynecology Lab
  • PHM416/426 Palpation I, II