Loch Chandler, ND, MSOM, MPH

Adjunct Faculty
  • Focus: Oncology
  • Education:
    • National College of Natural Medicine, ND & MSOM, 2001
    • Portland State University, MPA-HA, 2014

Dr. Loch Chandler is a Naturopathic physician and Licensed Acupuncturist who has taught at NUNM’s clinic since 2013, and lectured in both the ND and CCM programs since 2013. He has also been a clinic supervisor at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) since 2018, and has been with Providence’s Cancer Center in their Integrative Medicine Clinic for since 2004.

Dr. Chandler was a 2001 graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM), which is the oldest Naturopathic school in North America. He graduated from NCNM with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree and also a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine. After graduating from NCNM, Dr. Chandler was one of a limited number of students awarded a residency; he had his residency with Dr. Dickson Thom, an internationally renowned naturopath.

Currently, his specialty is in helping patients diagnosed with cancer minimize side effects of treatment and maximize quality of life as they are going through treatment and then afterwards with helping patients achieve goals focused around survivorship/thrive-orship. In addition to oncology, he has a focus in general naturopathic and acupuncture care for all ages. He especially enjoys physical medicine. Dr. Chandler has lectured around the United States on the topics of Integrative Medicine and Cancer, and Chinese Medicine and Cancer. In 2014, Dr. Chandler finished his Master’s in Public Administration with a focus in Health Administration at Portland State University. That year, he also became the Manager of the Providence’s Integrative Medicine program. In 2015, Dr. Chandler was promoted to be Medical Director of the Integrative Medicine program at Providence. He continues to enjoy being able to utilize his knowledge of Integrative Medicine and his MPA:HA degree towards continuing to help the IM program grow, build connections and serve the Providence community.

When he is not at work or in school he enjoys spending time with his family and dog, Donato, at their house in the country, being out on the water, helping coach youth lacrosse teams, and refereeing boy’s youth, high school lacrosse and men’s college lacrosse.




  • Oncology
  • Oncology Clinic Observation
  • Chinese Medicine Clinical Internship Rotation