Sheryl Estlund, ND

Adjunct Clinical Faculty
  • Focus: Teaching Clinics
  • Education: National College of Naturopathic Medicine, ND, 2003

Dr. Sheryl Estlund is a 2003 graduate of NCNM (now NUNM). Following graduation, she completed a three-year general medicine residency with a focus in community health and homeless medicine. Her clinical career has continued to focus on serving the uninsured and underserved populations.  Currently she has an integrative, primary care practice in Hillsboro where she treats a wide range of chronic disease and mental health.  

Dr Estlund has a passion for procedural medicine and is currently a supervising physician at the NUNM Health Center – Lair Hill. Her areas of expertise include:  

  • Minor surgery 
  • Injection therapies 
  • Pain management 
  • Dermatology 
  • Emergency and acute care


  • CLS710/711 Clinic Synthesis I, II
  • CLE709 Clinical Secondary Rotation
  • CLE811 Clinical Primary Rotation