Manfred Kubny, PhD

Adjunct Faculty
  • Focus: Traditional Chinese Chronobiology and Chronopsychology
  • Education: Ludwig-Maximilian University, Germany, PhD in Sinology, 1994

Dr. Manfred Kubny is considered Europe’s premier expert on the systemic and psychological aspects of Chinese life science and their usage in daily life. He is the director of the International Academy for Traditional Chinese Astrology; head of ethno-medicine of the Europe-University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder); and research fellow of the Horst-Goertz Foundation in order to investigate the history, theory and practice of Chinese Life Science at the Institute for Therapeutical Communication and Integrative Health Sciences at Steinbeis University, Chapter Berlin. A major focus of Dr. Kubny’s research is the diagnosis of the human personality according to the ancient Chinese system of the Bazi Suanming “The Life Calculation by the Eight Characters”, also known as the Traditional Chinese Chronobiology and Chronopsychology.


  • Bazi Suanming I-IV
  • Qimen Dunjia