Megan Golani, ND

Assistant Professor
  • Education: National College of Natural Medicine, ND, 2012

Dr. Megan Golani is a licensed naturopathic physician and midwife. After graduating with honors and receiving a certificate in natural childbirth from National College of Natural Medicine (now NUNM), she completed three years of residency focusing on family and community medicine.

During her studies, Dr. Golani completed a two-year clinical mentorship rotation in women’s health under the direction of Dr. Kimberly Windstar and a six–month internship focusing on chronic disease management and biotherapeutic drainage with Dr. Dickson Thom. Additionally, she completed a two-year apprenticeship in women’s health, midwifery and pediatrics with Dr. Catherine Schaefer in her private practice. She also has trained with Tami Kent in holistic pelvic care.

Dr. Golani received her baccalaureate degree from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, where she focused on developmental and transpersonal psychology, with an emphasis on the mind-body connection.

Dr. Golani believes strongly in the holistic approach to medicine; integrating nutritional and lifestyle counseling, IV therapy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy to provide individualized patient-centered care. She is passionate about supporting families through fertility counseling, prenatal and postpartum care, and pediatrics.

When not working, Dr. Golani is a Providence Hospice volunteer and enjoys camping, meditating, practicing yoga, and traveling abroad with her husband.


  • BAS5110T - Structure and Function Tutorial I
  • BAS5120T - Structure and Function II Tutorial
  • BAS5130T - Structure and Function III Tutorial
  • BAS5130- Structure and Function III Lecture
  • CLE709 - Clinical Secondary Rotation
  • CLE811 - Clinical Primary Rotation
  • CLS6211T - Neurology Tutorial
  • CLS6221T- Heme/Onc Tutorial
  • CLS7310T - Reproductive Tutorial
  • CLS7310- Reproductive Lecture
  • GSN500 - Nutrition Mentorship
  • GSN515 - Nutritional Assessment
  • GSN526 - Lifecycle Nutrition I
  • GSN532 - Nutrition Internship
  • GSN533 - Lifecycle Nutrition II
  • IM311 - Intro to Integrative Medicine
  • PHM710 - IV Therapy
  • PHM710L - IV Therapy Lab
  • RES510 - Introduction to Integrative Medicine
  • SS311 - Self-Care and Self Management
  • CLS7330- Pediatrics & Geriatrics Lecture
  • CLS7330T- Pediatrics & Geriatric Tutorial
  • CLS7331- Parenteral Therapy and Environmental Med
  • CLS7331T- Parenteral Therapy and Environmental Med Tutorial
  • CLS7331L- Parenteral Therapy and Environmental Med Lab
  • NOS616E- Advanced Gynecology: Infertility/Endocrinology