Marne Minard, MScN

Adjunct Faculty, Nutrition Internship & Kitchen Coordinator
  • Education: NUNM Master of Science in Nutrition, 2017

Marne Bishop, a native Oregonian, moved from Eugene to Portland to pursue a Master of Science in Nutrition at NUNM, graduating in 2017. Her desire to stay with the institution and support the program she graduated from led her to the role as Nutrition Internship & Kitchen Coordinator. In this role, Marne oversees and organizes the MScN Internship Program for 80+ students as well as the operations of the culinary nutrition classes in Charlee’s Kitchen at the Helfgott Research Institute. In addition to organizing and coordinating these areas of the nutrition program, Marne also runs her own clinical practice as a holistic nutritionist and therapeutic personal chef, partnering with local naturopathic physicians to work collaboratively as part of their patients’ care team.