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Preceptorship Policy

Effective January, 2019

A preceptorship is an opportunity for students to broaden and strengthen their clinical skills under the supervision of a licensed healthcare provider in practice who is acting as a clinical role model. We ask that all preceptors working with NUNM student learners abide by the following requirements:

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Complete, or provide information for, a MyCareer profile and receive preceptorship approval prior to a student beginning a rotation. Preceptor applicants practicing outside the United States must provide proof of licensure in that country, or permission to practice by the Ministry of Health or equivalent governmental agency.
  2. It is recommended, but not required, that the preceptor is covered by professional malpractice liability insurance throughout the preceptorship. If the preceptor is not covered by malpractice insurance, students may only observe and not participate in patient care in any way. It is also recommended, but not required, that the preceptor list NUNM as a certificate holder on their individual professional liability. NUNM students are covered by NUNM professional liability insurance if the preceptor has met and observes all eligibility requirements. Declaration is available upon request from the Office of Clinical Education.
  3. If the preceptor is an ND practicing in an unlicensed state or is not covered by malpractice/professional liability insurance, students may only observe and not participate in patient. The preceptor must assure that the student has no physical contact with patients and provides no medical advice in these circumstances.
  4. Please update your profile on MyCareer whenever you have changes to your licensure, malpractice coverage, availability, desired student schedule, student requirements, contact information, or anything affecting preceptorship eligibility.
  5. Students wishing to work with you will fill out and file a Placement Record. Please review and approve the student’s expressed learning goals prior to day one of all rotations of more than eight total hours. Add your own goals in conversation with the student if desired.
  6. Verify and approve the tracking log and complete a student evaluation for each student who rotates with you. This form verifies the student’s clinical hours and patient contacts, and evaluates the student’s performance. Preceptors should complete this effort within one week following the end of the rotation.

Clinical Responsibilities

  1. Preceptors must be physically on-site for supervisory purposes whenever the student is present during the rotation.
  2. Orient student to the clinic/site, patient population, most frequent diagnoses seen, procedures commonly performed, and clinic policies and procedures, including HIPAA regulations. Discuss with student the preferred method for communication with the preceptor and/or clinic.
  3. Review the objectives and expectations of the preceptorship as well as the student’s learning goals to determine the type of opportunities that will enhance the student’s learning. Direct the student to resources and evidence-informed readings as applicable.
  4. Promote a collaborative and mutually respectful environment in which to learn while facilitating the student’s progressive independence in clinical knowledge and skills.
  5. Provide daily feedback to improve the student’s clinical and communication skills, case presentation/differential diagnoses, and assessment and management skills. Provide a variety of learning experiences including patient care, business practices and record keeping, if applicable (administrative duties should comprise no more than 10% of the rotation). If available, encourage attendance at team/office meetings.
  6. Preceptors have the right to refuse any student in advance or terminate a student for any reason, but must inform the Clinical Education Office. Promptly communicate issues of concern or unsafe practice (student behavior, clinical skills, and/or student progression) regarding the student to Dr. Kelly Baltazar.