Erica Sharpe, PhD

Post-doctoral Research Investigator

Dr. Sharpe is a Post-doctoral Research Investigator in the Helfgott Research Institute. Her passion for research is rooted in the scientific exploration of mechanisms and efficacy of natural and holistic approaches to wellbeing (including mind-body practices such as yoga and music, as well as the intelligent use of natural products). Dr. Sharpe received her PhD in chemistry from Clarkson University in 2014. She completed pre-doctoral research training in the NIH-funded T32 program at Bastyr University in 2012 and 2013, as well as the post-doctoral BRIDG R90 program in clinical research at NUNM from 2017-2020. As a yoga teacher, her research interests include exploration of Yoga Nidra for individuals with insomnia, as well as the many applications of yoga asanas, meditation, and pranayama for improved health. With a degree in music education and piano pedagogy, she is also interested in exploration of music and how it can be used to improve health. Lastly, she continues her research interests in antioxidant analysis of natural products, continuing to utilize the NanoCerac paper sensors she worked to develop and patent as part of her PhD research.