Nini Callan, ND, MS

Post-doctoral Research Investigator

Dr. Callan is a Post-doctoral Research Investigator in the Helfgott Research Institute. Her passion for research stems from a deeply held belief that research – if designed and conducted accurately, ethically, and well – is a universal language that holds the power to unite disparate professions and philosophies around new discoveries that help bring about change for healthier people and a healthier planet. Dr. Callan received her doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine and her Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research from National University of Natural Medicine in 2015. She completed research training in the NIH-funded BRIDG program as a T90 scholar at the University of Washington. Her research interests include non-pharmacological therapies for people living with chronic pain; the role of fascia in chronic pain and disease; women’s health; behavior change; and integrative therapies for cognitive decline.