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Preceptorship Program

About the Program

The Preceptorship Program is an opportunity for Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine students at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) to broaden and strengthen their clinical skills under the supervision of a licensed healthcare provider in practice who is acting as a clinical role model.

How to Enroll

To arrange ND preceptorships, please begin by enrolling yourself in, and thoroughly reviewing the Preceptorship course Moodle page, then go to your CORE home page and scroll down to review the brief Preceptorship tutorial videos.

ND Preceptorship opportunities are available for review and submission through CORE Clinic Tracker. If you are an enrolled ND student, a CORE account has already been created for you.

ND Preceptorship Student Manual

For complete information about the program, and prior to beginning your first preceptorship, you are encouraged to review the ND Preceptorship Student Manual:

Creating a New Preceptorship

If you are hoping to create a new preceptorship with a clinician that you can’t find in the CORE Research Center, please send your potential preceptor to our online application form.

If you don’t see an opportunity in CORE that you believe already exists, please send an email to with the clinician’s full name and clinic name.  Some preceptors are not visible in CORE but are approved to supervise your rotation.


Enrolling yourself in, and thoroughly reviewing the Preceptorship course Moodle page, as well as reviewing the video tutorials on your CORE home page, will answer many questions.

Of course, feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

Program Contacts