About Don Helfgott

Don Helfgott, the co-founder of Inspiration Software, is the founding donor of the Helfgott Research Institute. Mr. Helfgott recognized the impact that a donation to natural medicine research could make in the field and, in June 2003, contributed the seed money to start the Institute.

Since that initial gift, he has continued to donate significant resources to the Helfgott Research Institute. He chooses to invest because he sees a chance for his money to make more of a difference than it would at larger, standard medical research organizations. “This is virgin territory,” he said, “a major opportunity for people to fund lasting and meaningful research.” Mr. Helfgott believes that the dominant medical system is not always capable of treating chronic disease, and that other health care options are sorely needed. His donations are being used to create a solid evidence base behind a variety of natural medicine modalities, including naturopathic and Chinese medicine.

In June 2007, Mr. Helfgott was awarded an honorary degree to acknowledge the central role that his contribution has played in establishing a thriving research institute at the National University of Natural Medicine, and advancing the science of natural medicine.

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